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Protecting the lifeline of your business 


extract, organize,
analyze, measure
and improve

gain consistency,
operational readiness
and cross-training 




(+) accountability,
(+)employee comprehension
(-)mitigated risk


Why Process Documentation is crucial to your business

The "fear of the unknown".  Top executives and managers often suspect that a flaw in their business processes is taking up valuable resources and pulling people away from more important tasks, but they can’t figure out what it is; they can look at numbers, but cannot look at the entire organization.  Process documentation will address the fear of the unknown and provide operational resilience.   It will also boost your organization’s ability to quickly react to new and unexpected events.


Regardless of the type of business you manage, process documentation is one of the keys to success in surviving unforeseen circumstances. When you replace fear of the unknown with the confidence that comes from full insight into how your organization is performing, you bolster business resilience and future performance. 


Process documenting and step-by-step job procedure documenting, allows employees to make more informed decisions and minimize training time when your company is onboarding new hires. Without a high-level understanding of business processes, you could lose both time and money as new employees focus solely on fulfilling their daily tasks.  It also provides a platform for cross-training. 


Meeting room

Mark, Senior Project Manager

I had been struggling with an operational process that was time consuming, ineffective and frustrating to myself and our crew.  I met with Trish and within moments of listening to me, she knew what we needed.  We were too busy for a new system, so she implemented it for us and it's been a lifesaver.  The crew is happy, the process is efficient and the documentation is readily available for our clients.  

Trish is our go-to for problem solving.  

Jen Sesta Executive Team Pic_edited_edited.png

Jen, General Counsel

Our clients depend on us to make them compliant, so it's dire that our internal policies and processes are streamlined.  Trish helped us develop an operational system that keeps our team compliant and accountable.  She worked one-on-one with each department to capture the proper information and was instrumental in suggesting a system that worked best for our needs.  Our risk is significantly reduced and our entire team has access to quick, up-to-date information.  The support service Trish offers through askGAINS is

great for our one-off questions. 

Screen Shot 2022-09-16 at 12.55_edited.png

Tom, Chief Operating Officer

Our industry is based on compliancy and our employees must follow our processes to the letter.  Trish helped us implement an online portal that allowed us to add real-time changes, notify our employees and require them to acknowledge, sign and be accountable for implementing the new changes.  Trish also helped us develop a cross-training back-up system for call-outs and open positions.  She's great with our team, her empathetic approach and relatable demeanor makes our team feel comfortable when working through tedious tasks. 

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