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Light and Shadow
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Trish Thomas

Process Management Expert


I am very proud to say, my career landed here because I'm a "business fanatic."  As a child, I watched my family build their own businesses, as an adult all I ever want to do is talk about business.   I rarely visit an establishment or utilize a service without wondering how it all started, being in awe of the foresight it took to know what the consumer wants, but mostly admiring the courage someone had to make it a reality.

As an advertising and public relations professional, I always knew I would be a business owner, what I didn't realize was, that I would have the opportunity to engrain myself in the inner workings of multiple businesses.  Throughout my extensive career, I have had the privilege of working with a variety of clients in all types of industries from television production to financial services.  I have performed roles from on-air talent for a closed-circuit television channel to running operations for a multi-million dollar organization.  My area of expertise became focused on small business start-ups, operations, and learning what it takes to maintain the core and foundation of a company.  This experience provided me with a demonstrated history of understanding the special challenges of the small business sector and one important factor remains the same, every business must continue to evolve. 

The GAINS team will work with your company to provide proven methodologies and strategies.  We have consulted numerous companies and provided custom solutions to achieve goals and sustained growth. ​

I encourage and invite you to reach out to me and schedule a time to openly and confidentially discuss your business; where it is today and where you want it to be moving forward. 

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